Math and Programming at the Tertiary Level


  • A study to probe deeper into the relationship between mathematical aspects of a problem and the modifications needed so that it can be investigated/ solved on a computer in an upper-level undergraduate math problem-solving course.
  • The aim is to inform teaching practice, for instance by identifying situations where students experience difficulties, and by exposing misconceptions in their thinking and approaches.
  • The study will attempt to identify “good” math problems of two kind: problems that help students learn basic programming skills, and those that naturally invite investigations using programming.




The paper written by Ami Mamolo and Miroslav Lovric “Computational Thinking in and for Undergraduate Mathematics: Perspectives of a Mathematician” has been accepted as a contributing talk at the Annual RUME (Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education) Conference, San Diego, 23-25 February 2017.


  • 2015-2017