Undergraduates’ perception of CT for/in math


  • A study to examine future teachers’ perception of computational thinking for/in mathematics (learning) as they progress through programming-based mathematics activities as part of their required course work.



  • Eric Muller, Brock University


  • 2016-2018


  • The project will include Brock’s future mathematics teacher participants enrolled in each of the three (1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year respectively) programming-based math courses named MICA I-II-III, and in UOIT’s B.Ed. program, which includes two (5th -year) content-based courses on mathematical reasoning and coding & communication. In both cases, the programming-based activities occur in courses which supplement the pedagogical methods preparatory courses offered in teacher education.


  • Completed data collection:
    • Brock University: April 2017
    • UOIT: November 2016


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