Project Math9-12



  • Ami Mamolo, UOIT
  • Andrew McEachern, Queen’s University
  • Suzanne Findleton, Queen’s University



  • A research-based study designed to bring new life and sophistication to the high-school mathematics curriculum.
  • Three phases for each project:
    • Curriculum Development: The process of transforming a task or an idea into a curriculum unit. Involves intensive work with groups of students.
    • Teacher Development:We work with teachers who are interested in taking the units into their classrooms. This work can involve both in-person and at-distance interactions. This will also allow us to refine and tune the resource materials
    • Research:We work as researchers in selected classrooms documenting the experience of both teacher and student using quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Our first development is Math10-Transformations, a unit designed through our work with students in the Math10 Summer Program. We will develop teacher training and preparation of teacher’s manual for Transformations10 in September 2016, and we will start in-school classroom work and research study in November 2016.


  • To create a high school math curriculum from ideas and processes that are more sophisticated than those currently “on the books.”
  • To find problems that engage the students in processes of design and construction.
  • To find teachers who are interested in workshopping these materials in their classroom.


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